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If you’re looking for new dining options in Tenerife, get to know us.

We are OPA!, the island’s authentic Greek restaurant. Enjoy fresh and delicious flavours, perfect for our privileged 22°C, that have delighted generations and been perfected since 2000 B.C.

We select ingredients of the highest quality, honoring the culinary legacy of the Hellenic people.

Visit us and discover the essence of their connection with the environment, their profound respect for the land they cultivated, and recipes that are healthy, epic, and full of flavour. Do you dare to try the food of the gods?

Get the scoop on why Greek food is all the rage!

Discover the menu at OPA!, the authentic Greek restaurant in Tenerife. Visit us and celebrate the moment! Enjoy the divine flavours of authentic Greek cuisine in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, with fresh and vibrant dishes that have conquered generations.

Discover the flavours everyone’s talking about. Freshly prepared – from zesty starters to savoury mains and delicious desserts, our menu is perfect for Tenerife’s glorious weather. Enjoy a casual dining experience that promises the vibes of Olympus with every bite!


Why OPA?

OPA! is a Greek expression used in memorable moments

We invite you to celebrate the moment—it’s #Opatime!

At OPA!, we honour Mediterranean tradition with millennia-old techniques and a deep respect for nature. We select only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and use a specially imported Greek oven to ensure every dish bursts with authentic Hellenic flavour.

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🇪🇸¿Quieres salir a comer algo rico y estás aburrido de las mismas opciones de siempre?🌿 

🏛️Es momento de reunir a tu gente para probar sabores nuevos, frescos y deliciosos en OPA, el restaurante griego de Tenerife.🍇

¿Listo para celebrar el momento? ¡Ven al X-Sur, es #OPAtime!

🇬🇧Fancy going out for a tasty meal but tired of the same old options? 🌿 

🏛️It’s time to gather your friends and savour new, fresh, and delicious flavours at OPA! el restaurante griego de Tenerife🍇

Ready to celebrate the moment? Come to X-Sur, it’s #OPAtime!
🇪🇸🌿 ¡Ya estamos en el XSur Centro Comercial! 🌿

🎉 Ahora puedes disfrutar de sabores nuevos y frescos, perfectos para el buen tiempo, en un ambiente casual. 🇬🇷 🌞 ¡Es #OPAtime! 🍽️

🇬🇧🌿 We have arrived at XSur Centro Comercial! 🌿

🎉 Come to OPA!, the Greek restaurant in Tenerife. Enjoy new fresh flavors, perfect for the good weather, in a casual atmosphere. 🇬🇷

🌞 It’s #OPAtime! 🍽️🍇✨

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🇪🇸Descubre sabores frescos y vibrantes, celebra el momento en OPA! restaurante griego🌊🍇

Visítanos y conoce sabores ideales para el buen tiempo, perfectos para una comida zen y muchas risas con los tuyos.

¿Ganitas de probar la comida del Olimpo? Acércate hoy al @xsur_spain

🇬🇧Discover fresh and vibrant flavours, live in the moment at OPA! 🌊🍇

Pop by and check out our tastiest treats for the sunny weather, perfect for a laid-back meal and giggles with your mates.

Fancy a taste of Olympus? Swing by @xsur_spain today.

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🇪🇸¡Ya estamos aquí y es #OPAtime! Ven a descubrir por qué todos hablan de la comida griega. 🍇

Disfruta sabores inspirados en recetas legendarias, con un giro MUY trend. 

¿Te animas a probar la comida de los dioses? Pásate por @xsur_spain hoy mismo 📍

🇬🇧We’re here, and it’s #OPAtime! Come see why everyone’s talking about Greek cuisine. 🍇

Taste flavours inspired by legendary recipes, with a trendy twist.

Ready to try the food of the gods? Visit us at @xsur_spain today 📍

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🇪🇸¿Por qué conformarse con lo mismo de siempre?🌿 Es momento de reunir a tu gente para vivir algo nuevo, fresco y delicioso.🍇

🏛️En OPA!, traemos la esencia de Grecia directamente a Tenerife, con un enfoque que te hará sentir como si estuvieras en el corazón del Mediterráneo.

¿Listo para celebrar el momento? ¡Ven al X-Sur, es #OPAtime!

🇬🇧Why settle for the same options? 🌿 It's time to gather your crew for something new, fresh, and delicious. 🍇

🏛️ At OPA!, we bring the essence of Greece right to Tenerife, with a vibe that'll make you feel like you're in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Ready to celebrate the moment? Come to X-Sur, it's #OPAtime!
🇪🇸🌿¿Buscas opciones nuevas para salir a comer en Tenerife?🌿

OPA! Es el auténtico restaurante griego que trae sabores frescos e intensos a Costa Adeje, perfectos para celebrar el buen tiempo con los tuyos. 

👉Reúne a tu gente y vengan a probar las recetas legendarias de las que todos hablan ahora.💙

🇬🇧🌿 Tired of the same dining options in Tenerife? 🌿

Get ready for OPA!, the authentic Greek restaurant bringing fresh flavors to Costa Adeje. Ideal for celebrating the good weather with your loved ones! 

👉Gather your friends and family and enjoy the recipes everyone is talking about! 💙

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