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If you’re looking for new dining options in Tenerife, get to know us.

Enjoy fresh and delicious flavours, perfect for our privileged weather, that have been perfected since 2000 B.C.

We offer authentic recipes, inspired by the cultural heritage of the Hellenic people.

Discover the essence of their connection to the environment through epic dishes with a modern twist. Do you dare to taste the food of the gods?

Get the scoop on why Greek food is all the rage!

Meet OPA, the authentic Greek restaurant in Tenerife. Come, relax and enjoy the fresh and vibrant flavours that have conquered generations.

Craving 100% Greek flavours? At OPA!, our grill is handcrafted in Greece, and our pita is imported directly, ensuring an authentic Hellenic dining experience. Freshly prepared and genuinely Greek, our dishes will transport you to the Mediterranean.


What does OPA mean?

OPA! is a Greek expression we use to invite you to celebrate the moment. It’s #Opatime!

Uncover the secret of true Greek flavour! Our custom-made grill from Gallikos, is like our heart. Because all begins with an authentic grill. Celebrate every #OPAtime with real taste and our trendy twist!

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🇪🇸¡Nos inspira ver cómo disfrutan de sus #OPAtime! 🌿Gracias a @lorenaamadio por visitarnos y celebrar el verano con sabores frescos. 
Y tú, ¿ya reservaste tu mesa con antelación? Escríbenos un mensaje y te pasamos el enlace para hacerlo ✨
🇪🇸 We love seeing how much you enjoy your #OPAtime! 🌿 Thanks to @lorenaamadio for visiting us and celebrating summer with fresh flavours. 
Have you already booked your table in advance? Send us a message and we’ll share the link to do so ✨
🇪🇸¿Sabías que desde que abrimos OPA! estamos obsesionados con ofrecerte una experiencia griega 100% auténtica? 🌿✨
Por eso importamos los pan pita más suaves, esponjosos y ligeros directamente desde Grecia y nuestro grill, a medida, viene de Galikos. 🔥
👉Cada detalle cuenta, y estamos aquí para que sientas que cada bocado te transporta al Mediterráneo.🇬🇷
Etiqueta a tus amigos y asegura tu mesa. ¡Nos vemos en OPA!
🇬🇧Did you know that since day one at OPA!, we’ve been all about delivering that 100% authentic Greek vibe? 🌿✨
We’ve gone all out! We import the softest, fluffiest pita bread straight from Greece, and our custom-made grill comes from Galikos. 🔥
👉Every detail matters, and we want every bite to whisk you away to the Mediterranean.🇬🇷🔥
Tag your friends and book your table. See you at OPA!
🇪🇸 ¡Dale a tu cita un toque mediterráneo en OPA! 🌿 
Comienza con nuestros deliciosos entrantes, disfruta platos principales abundantes y termina con postres divinos. ✨🍽️
Un #OPAtime le da ese toque auténtico a tus salidas, haciendo que desees celebrar el momento. ¡Etiqueta a tu persona favorita aquí! 💙
🇬🇧✨🍽️ Date night just got a Mediterranean twist at OPA! 🌿 
Start with our mouthwatering mezze, enjoy hearty mains, and finish with legendary desserts. 
An #OPAtime adds that authentic touch to your dining experiences, making every moment memorable. Ready to make your night special? Tag your favourite person! 
💙🇬🇷 #DateNight #GreekCuisine @venturetrend
🇪🇸¿Sabías que mandamos a hacer nuestra parrilla especial en Gallikos, Grecia?
En OPA!, creemos que cada momento debería ser celebrado de forma auténtica. Porque si el grill viene de Grecia, la comida también.
¿Todavía no conoces los sabores que han conquistado el mundo? Visítanos ya en el @xsur_spain 
🇬🇧 Did you know our special grill was custom-made in Gallikos, Greece?
At OPA!, we believe every moment should be celebrated authentically. Because if the grill is from Greece, the food is too.
Haven’t tried the flavours that have conquered the world? Come visit us at @xsur_spain.